The upholstery in restaurants and offices really takes a beating and getting it repaired or reupholstered can be a real problem because your business needs it to operate.  You simply cannot be without it or your business will suffer. We can schedule the repairs or reupholstery of your furnishings so that it is taken care of when your business is closed and get it back and installed before you customer walks through the door. We have a fine selection of commercial grade Materials to choose from, we carry a fine selection of materials that are rated for whatever you do that is your livelihood. Whether it needs to be sulfide resistant for furnishings found in a hair salon or soft and inviting for a counselors office, we can match whatever existing upholstery you may have. We know that running a business is difficult, give us a call and let us take some of the weight off of you. we can keep the maintenance of your location running smooth and seamless.